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For Parents    

As a parent, it can be a delicate moment when you take your son or daughter to college, and then drive away. You may have thought of this day for many years.

And what do we hope for our children when we hand them over to pre-school, elementary, junior high, and high school teachers, and then ultimately to professors at an in-residence school away from home?  Just that they will get good instruction, that they are in the presence of responsible, knowledgeable teachers who will care as much as possible for the intellectual and personal growth of our child.

In addition we want to know that they will be safe, and that their peers will support and enrich their learning experience, as they take on the challenges of higher education, and begin to forge a life and career on their own.

At MUM you can feel assured that their instructors are positive, healthy role models. And you will be gratified to know that their fellow students are in all likelihood happy, productive, engaged and productive people. Who they go to school with does have an effect on their learning experience, and, at MUM, your  son or daughter will both learn from and learn with an amazingly kind, warm and alert set of people.

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