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To develop individuals who live up to their full mathematical potential, who are effective and fulfilled mathematically in their majors, careers, and lives, and who can make a significant contribution to the nation and to the world, both through their careers and through their own personal development towards higher states of consciousness.
All the programs share the following goals

Values: We aim to produce individuals

V1. Who are self-confident, both personally and mathematically.
V2. Who behave in a harmonious, helpful, and uplifting way with others, including when working on group projects and when explaining mathematics to others.

V3. Who exhibit positive attitudes towards personal growth and the daily habits that cultivate personal growth and success in life.

V4. Who are clear on their personal strengths and career goals.

V5. Who see mathematics as a normal, natural part of their own intelligence, and as a natural foundation for understanding the orderliness at the core of any phenomenon in nature and society.

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