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A sampling of developing consultancy opportunities for graduate, post-graduate and professional work offered by MUM’s Sustainability Consultants International (SCI):

South Asia: Sustainable Schoolhouse Project
MUM’s Schwartz-Guich Sustainable Living Center is a model for a building that teaches. MUM is now partnering with governments, NGO’s and private agencies to seek to build smaller sustainable schoolhouses on this model for schoolchildren in villages around the world. MUM will provide the design for the building and the state-of-the-art sustainability curriculum, each integrated with local practices and indigenous knowledge. These sustainable schoolhouses will be built with the local citizens and then will teach the curriculum to the students and villagers that will enable them to sustain themselves in the twenty-first century and reverse the destructive trend of urban migration which is undermining their agrarian economies.
Asia: Mongolian Sustainability Consultancies:
The following consultancy opportunities are available in Mongolia:
  • MUM and Mongolia University of Science and Technology are creating a joint research institute in Mongolia to study high performance managers. Research opportunities for graduate and post graduate students may be available. 
  • Mongolian National University is engaging MUM to create metrics and measure the countries success in implementation of their 15-year-old national sustainability program. This large research project presents an opportunity for work on a large scale piece of sustainable econometric research
  • The Mongolian government wishes MUM to assist in the designation of a large preserve in the interior of the country as a United Nations designated cultural heritage site. This provides an opportunity for working on a major international sustainability project.

Africa: Ghana, Growing Sustainable Microbusinesses
In conjunction with a local businessman, develop Accra’s first sustainability institute that will focus on the creation of sustainable micro-businesses for local villagers.

Central America: Costa Rica’s Finca Luna Nueva
Biodynamic Agriculture and Indigenous Medicine cultivation at the famous Finca Luna Nueva farm and Sacred Seeds Sanctuary. Also, the opportunity to develop an MUM-Luna Nueva Sustainable Institute of the Caribbean providing courses for students and professionals in sustainability on site and through virtual classroom connection with MUM’s Sustainable Living Department in Iowa.

For further information please contact Bill Goldstein, Dean of Global Development:, 641 472-1175

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