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PhD in Management Overview    

In July 2013 and July 2012, the MUM business faculty hosted conferences on Deep Green Sustainability with distinguished speakers from around the world. These conferences were convened to explore the thesis: "There must be a transformation of consciousness in order to truly 'embed' sustainability in our companies and our society."

The PhD program at MUM is a community of inquiry for continued exploration of questions suggested by this thesis, including:
  • What is consciousness?
  • How can we study the transformation of consciousness on the individual and collective level?
  • What are the indicators of embedded sustainability?
  • What are the mechanics of embedding sustainability?
  • How can research be designed to explore the connections between consciousness and sustainability?
We welcome you to join us in this cutting edge exploration of the potential to transform organizations and societies through profound consciousness-based approaches to sustainability. — Dr. Dennis Heaton, Director

PhD in Management

study sustainable management

The PhD program in Management at MUM explores how organizations create sustainable value that fulfills the interests of the organization through producing positive impacts for society and the environment.

Our investigations of sustainable management encompass three components:
  • Developing holistic consciousness in the manager
  • Managing the transformation of organizations toward sustainable practices
  • The measurement and communication of sustainability outcomes. 
Each of these components is covered in the coursework and they represent the scope of our programmatic research on consciousness-based sustainability in management.

The evolution of individual and collective consciousness cultivates the learning capabilities of systems thinking, collaborative relationships, and creative visioning to create sustainable value.

This evolving consciousness expresses itself in new management practices and forms of organization that enable organizations to innovatively address social and environmental needs. Evolving consciousness also attends to and reports on a holistic range of performance outcomes, encompassing economic, social, and environmental results.

In the PhD program at Maharishi University of Management, sustainable management is studied in the light of the Science and Technology of Consciousness. This program in Consciousness-Based Management for Sustainability provides understanding and experience of the total intelligence of Nature, which automatically manages the infinitely complex and evolving universe without strain and without mistakes. Students in this program practice technologies for personal growth toward better health, clearer thinking, greater creativity, moral development, and wisdom.

PhD in Management Program Structure

including universal principals for success

The PhD in Management has four phases:
  • Doctoral Course Work. Students take a program of courses that consists of a PhD Core of 6 courses covering consciousness-based managing for sustainability. There is also a required Research Methods Core of 4-5 courses, Professional Development seminars in teaching and writing, and a sequence of courses in the Science and Technology of Consciousness, which students learn to integrate with their academic studies in sustainable management.
  • Written Comprehensive and Oral Qualifying Exams. Students undertake a written comprehensive exam and a written and oral qualifying exam. When a student successfully completes the qualifying examination, the student is advanced to PhD candidate status. The core work and qualifying exams can be completed in the first two years of enrollment in the program.
  • Dissertation Proposal. When a dissertation proposal is accepted, the student is advanced to PhD researcher status.
  • Dissertation Research and Defense. The PhD researcher must write the dissertation research and successfully complete an oral defense of the dissertation.
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Focus on Consciousness and Sustainability

leaders in social and environmental responsibility

The themes of consciousness and social and environmental responsibility have emerged as a unifying focus for programmatic research in this PhD program. Examples of present and past dissertation research topics in this sustainability and consciousness focus include:
  • The role of HRM in implementing sustainability
  • Conceptions of sustainability in Cameroon
  • Meditation and trust in supply chain relationships
  • Consciousness and Success
  • Brain integration and management integrity
  • Consumers and non-genetically modified food
  • Effects of green-certified building
  • Moral development of CPA's
  • ISO-14001 Environmental Management System and corporate financial performance
  • Development economics based on natural law
  • Self development and leadership behaviors
  • The effects of the Transcendental Meditation on stress in managers
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Career Outcomes

transform the performance of organizations

The program is designed to prepare students for careers as professors, consultants, or researchers who can help transform the performance of organizations to create sustainable value — fulfilling the interests of shareholders through producing life-supporting benefits for stakeholders and the natural environment.

Special Features of our Program    

Project-Based Learning

encouraging entrepreneurship

The programs and courses of the Business Department are oriented around real-world and/or active-learning projects. Undergraduate majors write business plans for their own entrepreneurial ventures. Students in the MBA program consult with local businesses and organizations to improve their business processes and measure and improve their sustainability.

One Course Per Month

go deep and focus

block system

At MUM you take one full-time course each month, instead of juggling 4-5 subjects at once. This helps you do the following: give your full attention to each class, and go deeper into knowledge and projects. It also allows for more study abroad opportunities, as well as internship opportunites, since they can be completed one month at a time.

Learn from professionals

start your career

Our Business Department faculty are experienced and active in their fields - including accounting, LEAN management, statistics, law, and more. They draw on this experience in each course to help students achieve their own career goals, including helping students launch their own businesses.

TM Practice Helps

water the root to enjoy the fruit

At the core of our Business programs is the practice of the most widely-researched program for personal development, the Transcendental Meditation program. Hundreds of peer-reviewed research studies have documented the effects of the Transcendental Meditation program on learning ability, academic achievement, creativity, ego development, health, and interpersonal behavior. 

International Community

come and join us

Students at MUM come from countries all over the world, including China, India, many European countries, South Africa and other African countries, Mexico, Central America, and North and South America. International friends that you make while a student are culturally-enriching and career-enhancing.


in the USA or abroad

The MUM block system is ideal for internships, since students can fully immerse themselves in a real-world job environment for a month at a time, or several months in a row. International internship opportunities are also available.

Deep Sustainability & Ethics

becoming stewards of the earth

The curriculum explores issues of ethical integrity, social responsibility, and environmental sustainability to prepare business leaders to be stewards of society and the environment. Deep Green Business and Deep Sustainability refers to the transformation of consciousness necessary to truly embed sustainability in our companies and our society.


Natural Law & World Peace

exploring the organization of nature

Maharishi University of Management is the leading university in the world specializing in development of human consciousness. It is an ideal place to learn how to create and study the transformation of organizations and society through developing and utilizing full human potential. All organizations best serve their stakeholders by developing the creativity, intelligence, emotional maturity, and ethical sensitivity of their own employees.

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