Immersion in One Course at a Time

At MUM you take one full-time course each month, instead of juggling 4-5 subjects at once. Called the block system, we have found that it has the benefits listed in the table below. It also seems to improve creative focus and makes it easier for students to collaborate on projects with their peers, since it simplifies everyone's schedules.


Learn more with less stress.

Immerse yourself in your projects.

Get a 3-day weekend between each course with no classes or homework. (Use this time to polish your portfolio or just relax.)

Other colleges

Stress of homework and exams from multiple classes.

Scatter your attention over 4-5 subjects.

Coursework is always hanging over your head -- all semester long.

Student Video Spotlight

Space Adventure by Nathaniel Alexander

Les drôles d'amitiés de Sudevi by Sudevi Mossé

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