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Troubleshooting Signing In    
Faculty have been assigned a personal account with their own login and password. The login is their full email and for the first sign-in the password is changeme (case sensitive).

Changing Password
Once successfully signed in please change your password by clicking on MY MUM in the upper right tab, click on My Profile on the left side of the page, and then click on CHANGE PASSWORD. Once you change your password please keep it safe because there is no way to recover the password. If you forget your password we will have to delete your account and create a new one. Please contact dof@mum.edu.

Forgot which email account is your login?
Please contact Amellia in the Dean of Faculty office to help find your login email.

The Web Team is working on creating personal accounts for all staff, however to access the private faculty webpages you will need permission from the Dean of Faculty office. If you need access to the private resources on the Faculty Admin page and/or Teaching Resources please request the staff login and password from the Dean of Faculty office.

If you have a personal account and are having trouble signing in please read the information above under Faculty, if you are still having trouble contact dof@mum.edu

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