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Argiro Student Center
The Argiro Student Center features a 300-seat auditorium, two dining halls, student café, student lounge, banquet room, bookstore, mailroom, and offices for student-related activities. It incorporates advanced green features that qualify it for LEED certification: heat exchangers, daylighting, extra insulation, and nontoxic materials.

Arts Center
The Arts Center provides classroom and studio/display space for the Art Department and the Media and Communications Department. Studios include ceramics, painting and drawing, video production and editing suites, graphic design, and electronic music production.

Sustainable Living Center
Using wind and solar, this building produces more power than it uses. Building materials are mainly local, from the whole aspen trees that support it to the 25,000 earth blocks providing thermal mass. The roof catches rain; the entire south wall is a greenhouse as well as space for student projects.

Gate Ridge Court
Gate Ridge Court houses the English as a Second Language program and the Business Department, including the green MBA program and the MBA Accounting Co-op program. This 26,000-square-foot building includes University classrooms and offices.

McLaughlin Building
The McLaughlin Building, home to both the undergraduate and the M.S. programs in Computer Science, includes classrooms and computer labs for 150 students, seminar rooms, and the Computer Science library. Several classrooms are equipped for videotaping the distance-education classes that are part of the graduate program.

Maharishi Veda Bhavan
Maharishi Veda Bhavan is home to three academic departments: Maharishi Vedic Science, Literature and Writing, and Education. Besides these offices, it houses several classrooms and the Vedic Literature Reading Room and Library. The name Veda Bhavan means "place of knowledge" in Sanskrit.

Recreation Center
MUM's Recreation Center is a 60,000-square-foot indoor facility, one of the largest indoor university sports facilities in Iowa. Facilities include: a track, 4 tennis courts, volleyball courts, basketball courts, a 28-foot rock climbing wall, weight room, gymnastics center, and ping-pong tables.

Dreier Building
The Dreier Building houses classrooms, the Admissions office, the Enrollment Center, including Financial Aid, the Student Life Department, including the Dean of Students, and tutoring services. Constructed in 2000, Dreier was the first university building designed and constructed using the principles of Maharishi Vedic Architecture.

Henn Mansion
Henn Mansion was built by local banker and U.S. congressman Bernhart Henn in 1857. It's listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and the University restored it in 1986. Henn Mansion now houses the Human Resource Office, which oversees all University staff and work-study positions, and the International Students and Scholars Advisor.

Our Library contains 140,000+ volumes, 220 current paper journal subscriptions, Internet access to over 23,000 full-text periodicals and 9000 e-books, thousands of videotaped lectures; and the Vedic Literature Collection is the largest in the United States. The Unity Gallery hosts art shows.

Maharishi Patanjali Golden Dome
The Maharishi Patanjali Golden Dome is the 22,000-square-foot facility for men to practice group meditation together -- not just students, but also faculty, staff, and community members, a total of up to 2000 twice a day.

Bagambhrini Golden Dome
Bagambhrini Golden Dome is the facility for women to practice Yogic Flying together -- not just students, but also faculty, staff, and community members, a total of up to 2000 in the two Domes twice a day.

Campus Greenhouses
Campus Greenhouses each provide 2880 square feet of growing space to start plants for MUM Organic Farms, whose main acreage is six miles north of campus. MUM Farms provides fresh produce throughout the year for the University student dining hall and the Golden Dome Market on campus. See also: MUM Organic Farms video

Golden Dome Market
The Golden Dome Market provides organic groceries, local organic dairy products, fresh produce, and snack foods. The produce department features fresh organic vegetables from MUM Organic Farms, often picked that morning. Organic lunch and dinner are served daily in their café.

Visitors Center
Are you considering MUM for possible enrollment? If so, we invite you — and your parents — to come to one of our Visitors Weekends. These weekends are perfect for learning about the university, meeting our students and faculty, and touring the campus. Students with financial need can apply for a travel scholarship for Visitors Weekend.

Headley Hall

This video is currently in production.

Headley Hall is the home of the David Lynch MA in Film, as well as the Institute for Natural Medicine and Prevention. Headley Hall is located in Maharishi Vedic City, about five miles north of Fairfield. Maharishi Vedic City is Iowa's newest municipality.

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