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Global Learning at MUM means more than just traveling abroad. It means capturing real-world experiences that prepare you to become a successful global citizen and professional in the twenty-first century. Our Global University programs bring you to diverse, beautiful lands and open your eyes to unique, precious cultural traditions while you work on real projects with local partners.

We will provide you with a carefully chosen international experiential learning environment, and enable you to be at home with this adventure through the unifying experience and understanding of Consciousness-Based Education under the supervision of our experienced faculty. 

We invite you to develop and apply your twenty-first century global and professional skills through internship fieldwork and consultancies in your chosen corner of the world. Make contributions and connections that will last a lifetime.

Whether you are an undergraduate or graduate student wishing to have an unforgettable learning experience abroad, an alumni wishing to have a global adventure with your former classmates, or a recent graduate looking for career consulting opportunities in the international setting, our Global University has something for you. 

Some Current Programs by Hemisphere:
  • South Asia: Sustainable Schoolhouse Project
  • Asia: Mongolian Development Initiatives
  • Africa: Ghana, Growing Sustainable Microbusinesses
  • Central America: Costa Rica’s Finca Luna Nueva

Internships & Study Abroad

Global Research & Grants

For more details on the above programs please contact
Bill Goldstein, Dean of Global Development:, 641 472-1175

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