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exploring your creativity

Learn to express yourself through the media of drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, ceramics, and multimedia. Offers BA and BFA degrees.
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making your dreams come true

Offers a BA in Business Administration, MBA, MBA for Accounting Professionals, and PhD in Management. We also offer CPA and CMA exam prep, and graduate certificates in Management Information Systems.
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Computer Science

achieving success

Offers BS and MS degrees. Our unique MS degree emphasizes modern software development: distributed, parallel, and web computing. Paid internships are available. Over 100 students and graduates currently work at Microsoft.
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Development of Consciousness

cultivating total potential

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Offers courses relating to the TM technique, including TM retreats, Forest Academies, advanced TM-Sidhi course, and more.
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connecting parts to the whole

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Offers undergraduate degrees with concentrations in Educational Foundations and Secondary Education and graduate degrees with specializations in Educational Innovation, Consciousness-Based Education, and Secondary Education. Our teacher licensure programs are offered at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.
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Exercise and Sports Science

fit for life

The Department of Exercise and Sport Science administers the undergraduate daily physical activity/fitness program, intercollegiate and recreational sport clubs, and an extensive outdoor adventure program. The department also conducts special recreational events for the student body.
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Individualized Studies

designing your own major

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The Individualized Studies program is an interdisciplinary program in which you design your own major related to a central theme, and to the Science of Creative Intelligence and/or Maharishi Vedic Science.
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Intensive English Program

speaking English fluently

parade of flags ESL video

The Intensive English Program (IEP) at MUM prepares international students to take their place alongside native speakers in MUM's academic program courses and for professional achievement in an English-speaking career after graduation.
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the song of humanity

Offers a BA degree in Literature and a BA degree in Literature with Emphasis in Writing. To study literature is to expand your awareness, to experience what life is and what human beings are capable of. Literature chronicles human trials and triumphs — the victories that transcend our physical, mental, and spiritual limitations.
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Maharishi Vedic Science

combining ancient with modern

Maharishi Vedic Science is the science and technology of consciousness. It has its source in the ancient Vedic tradition of India. We offer BA, MA, and PhD degrees.
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thinking clearly

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Offers a BS degree in Mathematics. Students of Mathematics at MUM acquire quantitative skills, problem-solving ability, and clarity of thinking and reasoning that provide the basis for success and leadership in many careers.
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Media & Communication

video, web design, and more 

Offers a BA degree with various tracks that you can choose from and an MA degree in Filmmaking. The BA career tracks include: Filmmaking, Web or Graphic Design, Photography, Creative or Professional Writing, and/or Music. 
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creativity, craft, consciousness

Offers a minor in Creative Musical Arts. The goal of the Music Department is to immerse students — beginners as well as trained musicians — in a rich musical experience that facilitates the discovery of their personal, artistic voice. Ideal for combining with a Media & Communications BA degree.
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applying abstract mathematics

Offers a Physics Minor. Apply the abstract mathematics you learn in the Math Major to the world around you. 
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Physiology & Health

creating a disease-free society

Dr. Keith Wallace teaching learn more

Offers BA and PhD degrees in Physiology. The BA degree has two tracks: the Maharishi Ayurveda Wellness Consultant track and the Pre-Integrative Medicine track.
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Sustainable Living

walking the talk

Offers a BA degree in Sustainable Living. A world based on principles of sustainability not only changes how we build our homes, grow our food or use energy, but also how we treat ourselves and each other.
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